New Home Construction

The following items are required for the construction of a new home, or any other structure intended to serve as sleeping/living quarters:

1. Soil Test

2. Driveway Approval

3. Uniform Address Number

4. Sanitary Permit

5. Zoning Permit

6. State Building Permit (Uniform Dwelling Code)

*Note* Wells are permitted by the WI DNR. A licensed well-driller will obtain the necessary permit for your project.

Permits will be reviewed within 30 days of receiving a complete application. At this time the Zoning Department is typically completing the review process in 1-2 weeks.

Below is more information regarding each item.

Soil Test

The best place to start when preparing for new construction is a soil test. Hire a Wisconsin Certified Soil Tester (CST) to conduct a Soil and Site Evaluation of your property and determine the best location on your property for a private onsite wastewater treatment system (POWTS). The CST will provide your plumber with the soil test/ septic design plans for your site.

Driveway Approval

Site access is a prerequisite when determining if any piece of land is buildable. Prior to receiving an address, a driveway permit must be issued by the appropriate entity. If your proposed driveway is located on a town road, contact your town’s chairperson or supervisor. A Buffalo County Driveway Permit is required for any driveway entering a county highway. For proposed driveways located on a state highway, please contact Jill Proud- WI DOT at (715) 836-3905 or When locating your road access, be mindful that no part of the driveway may exceed 12% grade as per the Buffalo County Zoning Ordinance.

Uniform Address Number

Once you have received approval for your driveway, you may apply for a Uniform Address Number. Please provide a copy of the driveway permit as well as an aerial photo/ site plan with the driveway and home’s location drawn onto it. Notice of your new address number will be sent to the sheriff’s office, local post office, and utility companies.

Sanitary Permit

Your plumber will apply for your sanitary permit. Since sanitary permits typically have the longest review process and are required prior to the issuance a state building permit, it is wise to get connected with a licensed plumber as soon as possible.

Zoning Permit

Many applicants apply for a Zoning Permit when they submit their address application- after driveway access has been granted and a Soil & Site Evaluation has been conducted. When it comes time for this, all corners of the proposed building site should be staked out. A staff member from the Zoning Department will conduct a site inspection to ensure the proposed building footprint meets setbacks and other performance standards.

State Building Permit (Uniform Dwelling Code)

Once you have your sanitary and zoning permits, you may apply for a state building permit. The county contracts with Fred Weber to complete the Uniform Dwelling Code inspection process. Applications and Fred’s contact information is available on the Weber Inspections website.