County Treasurer / Real Property Lister

Property Tax Payments:

First half is due January 31st to the Municipal Treasurer

            Follow this link for a list of Municipal Treasurers and addresses. 

Second half is due July 31st to the County Treasurer.  

            Make checks payable to Buffalo County Treasurer and mail to PO Box 28, Alma, WI 54610.

County Treasurer


The mission of the Treasurer’s Office is to maintain accurate, detailed information and provide that information in a friendly, courteous manner. 

What we do:

Receive all moneys from all sources and disburse all county funds and keep accurate records of such transactions; and disburse all monies to be paid out of the County bank accounts

Maintain investment accounts and report monthly to Finance Committee

Maintain and reconcile county bank accounts

Collect all postponed and delinquent property taxes

Maintain Lottery Credit lists

Oversee all tax payments, receive all payment records from local municipalities, prepare tax settlements in February and August so that all taxing jurisdictions receive their levy monies on a timely basis

Coordinate the tax deed process with the County Clerk when taxes are three years delinquent

Real Property Listers


 The Real Property Listing office is responsible for the accurate listing of all Buffalo County real estate parcels in the tax roll. Information such as assessed values of real estate, improvements and personal property along with school districts and special districts are kept and maintained on each parcel. The Property Lister also maintains ownership records.
What we do:
Update assessment database with property change information recorded in the Register of Deeds office.

Create new parcels based on legal descriptions provided.

Work with local municipality officials, including assessors, to produce the Assessment Roll.

Calculate and print property tax bills and tax rolls and distribute to local municipalities.