GIS / Land Information Office


The Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Land Information Office provides mapping and geospatial support to internal and external customers, including the county board, county departments, municipalities, citizens, and outside organizations.

Map Portal

Geospatial data, maps, and other information are available on our map portal. More applications are being developed.

Address Corrections

If an online map has the wrong information for your home, business, or other address, you can correct it on some platforms yourself. For example, if you click on an address in Google Maps, you can “Suggest an edit.” Other platforms have similar capabilities. For more information:

Public Safety Travel Map

  1. PDF of a road map for printing on three 11×17 pages (or smaller paper if you fit to page).

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Nathan Machula

GIS/Land Information Officer



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Alma, WI 54610


PH:    608-685-6285

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