Coordinated Service Team

Coordinated Services Team (CST) is a wraparound model of care for children with behavior health issues between 0-18 years of age.  CST is targeted to children that are involved in two or more systems of care (such as mental health, long-term care, juvenile justice, child welfare, substance abuse or special education) and who have complex needs.

Guiding Principles of CST

  • Family and team members are voluntary
  • Services are focused on the child and based on strengths and needs
  • Collaboration across systems
  • Services are children and family focused.
  • Teams meet on a regular basis
  • Teams work on a full range of life needs that could affect the child and family
  • Families build natural and formal supports
  • Teams are flexible, care is unconditional and goals are outcome oriented.
  • Teams celebrate success.

If you are interested in learning more about the CST Program, eligibility and/or to apply, please contact the Intake Worker at 608-685-4412.