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To promote and protect public health, safety and welfare, encourage orderly and sustainable economic growth and development, protect and preserve natural resources and geographic features, and encourage planned and orderly land use based on compatibility thereby safeguarding property values.

Zoning Department Updates

Comprehensive Revision: Shoreland Protection Ordinance

The Zoning Department has completed a comprehensive revision of the Shoreland Protection Ordinance.   Due to recent legislation being enacted the Ordinance was no longer compliant with NR 115, the shoreland zoning standards adopted by the State of Wisconsin.  The final draft of the Shoreland Protection Ordinance has been reviewed and approved by the WI DNR for adoption by Buffalo County.  

An initial Public Hearing for public comment before the Land Use Committee is scheduled for February 11, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. in the third floor County Board Room at the Buffalo County Courthouse in Alma, Wisconsin, to solicit comments on the proposed comprehensive revision of the Ordinance.  Written comments may also be submitted to the zoning department via mail or email.  

It is anticipated that the Buffalo County Board of Supervisors will consider adoption of the Ordinance on March 28, 2022, at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.   

The Shoreland Protection Ordinance is posted below for your review.  

Shoreland Protection Ordinance- Final Draft

Click here to view the Introduction to Shoreland Zoning PowerPoint- as presented at the Feb. 11th public hearing.

Additional reading material:

Wisconsin Biology Technical Note 1: Shoreland Habitat

Shoreland Zoning Effectiveness, DNR

NR 115 - Wisconsin's Shoreland Protection Program

The Wisconsin DNR has recently introduced a new system to determine the navigability of streams. The procedures are included in the document listed below:

Third Party Navigability Determination 

Recent Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Zoning Ordinance Amendment- Ordinance # 19-08-01

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