Fit Families

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Fit Families Supplemental Nutrition Education Program (SNAP-Ed) is a successful behavior change program for... 

  • Families with 2-4 year-old children enrolled in WIC at Fit Families projects in Wisconsin. 
  • Staff at Fit Families projects and their organizations. 
  • Communities that partner with Fit Families projects to implement policy, systems, and environmental changes to help make the healthy choice the easy choice. 

Core Messages

Move More...Watch Less 

  • Encourage Fit Families participants to engage in active play or physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day and to reduce screen time to two hours or less each day.

Make Every Bite Count...More Fruits & Veggies 

  • Encourage the child and their parents to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day.

Make Every Sip Count...More Healthy Beverages 

  • Encourage Fit Families to reduce or eliminate the use of sugared beverages.

Overarching Message: Eat Healthy, Be Active...Your Kids are Watching

  • Encourage parents to be good role models for their children.

Ways Fit Families Encourages Behavior Changes

Ways Fit Families encourages behavior change includes:

For families in WIC…

  • Families enrolled in Fit Families will make an individual healthy habits goal that they will work on for 12 months. The Fit Families coach follows up with the family monthly for guidance, support, and tools to make the changes. Participants receive incentive prizes to help motivate healthy behavior changes.

For staff…

  • Fit Families Coach guides Community partnership staff to become a Fit Families Center and to adopt an organizational or agency wellness policy to encourage staff to model healthy habits.

For communities…

  • Fit Families coach develops partnerships with organizations in the community serving low-income families with preschool children and other audiences eligible for SNAP to disseminate Fit Families messages and provide educational resources.

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