The U.S. Public Land Survey System

In the late 1840s and the early 1850s, the Federal Government originally surveyed the lands located in Buffalo County. This survey was designed in a rectangular fashion, now more commonly referred to as the U.S. Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

This system was devised to provide a basis for providing title to land as well as a means by which title can be related to the parcel it describes. One of the major requirements of this system was the establishment of monuments marking the corners of this rectangular system.

Public Land Survey System Today

The corners of the PLSS are the foundation for virtually all real property ownership in the county. One of the main duties of the County Surveyors Office is to protect and perpetuate these corner monuments.

The County Surveyors Office is currently in the process of a complete dependent re-survey, or more commonly referred to as re-monumentation of all U.S. Public Land Survey System corners in the county. This project is based on a cooperative effort between municipality and county governments.

Cellphone Use for Locating Property Corners

The information below will help guide you on the proper equipment needed to find boundary lines and property corners.